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Folder Cloudtrax Support (21)
Questions Regarding the Cloudtrax Controller
Folder Enclosures (4)
Tips, tricks, and installation techniques for Open Mesh enclosure products.
Folder Glossary (10)
Technical definitions and what they mean.
Folder NG Firmware FAQ (7)
Frequently Asked Questions about running NG firmware on Open-Mesh devices
Folder OM2P Support (27)
Troubleshooting common problems with the OM2P, OM2P-HS, and OM2P-LC.
Folder Open Mesh FAQ (16)
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Open Mesh products, sales, and shipping.
Folder POE/Power FAQ (7)
Answers to common power-over-ethernet and low power challenges.

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What do the lights on the OM2P mean?
The LEDs (lights) on Open-Mesh access points (OM2P, OM2P-HS, OM2P-LC) let you know what the device is currently doing. This page contains an...
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